Michelman has commercialized ProHere V 30290, a waterborne binder designed for use in the formulation of intumescent coatings that protect structural and architectural steel.The new polymeric binder features specific adhesion to steel and metallic surfaces, is applicable in high thickness, and can be formulated into intumescent coatings that meet fire resistance classifications of up to 90 minutes. ProVere V 30290 reportedly exhibits superior compact and stable foaming properties. It reduces demand for coalescing agent in the formulation, resulting in a lower VOC coating.  Long open time and ease of workability make it suitable for either factory or on-site application.  Michelman’s ProHere family of solutions are waterborne polymer dispersions and emulsions specifically developed for use in metal coatings. The range encompasses both polymeric binders for coating formulations as well as lubricants and anti-scratch additives for metal processing and in-use lubricants. www.Michelman.com