Uniform color is directly associated with high quality and thus, absolutely essential. The spectro2guide spectrophotometer from BYK-Gardner can measure color and 60-degree gloss simultaneously, but what’s new is the quantification of fluorescence by measuring like a fluorimeter with monochrome illuminations. The combination of a spectrophotometer with a fluorimeter opens up completely new perspectives to control color quality and stability. Colorful graphs show the fluorescent results on the display and new fluorescent indices are calculated for easy analysis.  The portable unit features: a large 3.5-inch color touchscreen; an icon-based menu with colorful data tables and graphics for intuitive smart phone-like operation; an integrated camera which shows a live preview of the measurement spot magnified by a factor of 4.5:1 to prevent false readings on imperfections; agreement between instruments allowing usage of digital standards among the supply chain; stable, long-term calibration needed only every three months; a 10-year warranty on the LED light source with no lamp changes needed; flexible data transfer via docking station, directly connected with USB cable or wireless with Wi-Fi function; and professional data documentation and analysis with smart-chart software. www.gardco.com