Specialty Polymers Inc. has launched a new website it says presents users with an improved product finding experience, a news and events page, and a video commemorating the company’s 50 years of innovation and family ownership. “The new site is a dynamic way to introduce formulators to existing products by way of searching based on market, industry, technology, or substrate,” marketing specialist Benjamin Estill says. “Plus, we offer our customers the ability to develop a customized product suited to exact needs.” The online resource now includes a news and events page, featuring upcoming tradeshows, scholarly articles, and Specialty Polymers in the media. “The experienced chemists and dedicated sales team at Specialty Polymers recognize that each customer is unique,” says Daniel T. Grobe, Sales and Marketing Director. “It’s our mission to provide the exact polymer to fit the needs of customers, no matter how small or large the company. The refreshed website is part of our commitment to providing the best service and support in the industry.” In business since 1969, Specialty Polymers is known for innovative water-based polymers and adhesives. With production facilities located on both coasts, Specialty Polymers can meet the needs of customers from around the world and is committed to providing superior products and meeting each customer’s unique delivery requirements. www.specpoly.com