Axalta recently launched its Strenex industrial product line for general industrial, construction, and fabrication. Strenex expands the company’s industrial portfolio and enables entry into the light and medium industrial markets throughout North America. “Axalta is committed to continuous innovation and developing products that meet the high standards that customers expect from us,” says Dave Heflin, Vice President, Global Industrial Liquid Coatings. “Strenex balances the demands of corrosion-resistance, aesthetic appeal and environmental constraints to meet the most challenging production environments and application conditions. These new products also are designed to deliver fast drying times and ease-of-application, which provides the opportunity for our customers to become more productive and efficient. We are excited about the value these products will bring to customers and the opportunity to enter this growing market.” The Strenex family of products includes waterborne and solventborne single-component alkyd and acrylic products, as well as solventborne urethanes. The offering has a selection of fit-for-purpose fast-drying primers and direct-to-metal (DTM) topcoats that allows users to reduce production times and costs. The 120- and 220-series primers offer steel fabricators and painters’ options that meet industry standards for performance at multiple Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels, including zero-VOC. The 602-series DTM urethane product line provides high-film build properties with sag resistance up to 12 mils in a single coat.