Evonik’s newest additive is a product for binder-free pigment pastes that has a low VOC content and a low influence on paste properties such as color strength and viscosity.

TEGO Humectant 7005 is effective against drying of pigment concentrates, while its influence on water resistance and other paint properties remains low, Evonik says. This combination makes it especially suited to a wide range of applications, such as architectural paints or industrial coatings.

The formulation of paints and coatings is a laborious and complex process in which all components must be carefully coordinated. One of the challenges is the short drying time of binder-free pigment pastes. The addition of a humectant extends this so-called “open time” until drying, but usually affects the coating properties. For example, it reduces the water resistance of the formulation, which is particularly important for industrial coatings.

“Keeping the balance here is an important task during development,” says Frank Kleinsteinberg, Head of Pigment Concentrates Application Technology. “For the formulator, it is important that the humectant maintains the paste properties, such as color strength, stability, compatibility or viscosity, and shows little influence on the coating properties.”

With its low VOC content combined with its effectiveness and low impact on coating properties, TEGO Humectant 7005, which is available worldwide, can be used more widely than, for example, PEG 400, and makes the formulator’s work easier, Evonik adds.