The PILOT Premium 2K is WALTHER PILOT‘s brand new spray gun for two-component water-based adhesives. The Premium 2K features stainless steel wetted parts and material passageways so water-based and aggressive materials can be used without issue. It also features a PTFE-coated gun body to facilitate easy cleaning. The design of the Premium 2K’s Component B delivery system ensures that the secondary hose will not get in the way of work. The activator (Component B) is delivered by a secondary valve located on top of the spray gun. All commercially available 2-component water-based adhesives for the foam manufacturing industry can be processed. The two components are mixed in the spray jet itself. The cutting edge air cap design allows you to customize the width of the spray pattern with controls right on the spray gun itself. You can also position the air cap as desired so that vertical or horizontal spray patterns can be applied as needed.