Specialty chemicals company LANXESS (Pittsburgh, PA) has a new line of red shades. Marketed globally under the Bayferrox brand name, the new products will be manufactured using a new sustainably optimized Penniman process. The company currently produces these new grades in a pilot plant in Germany, but beginning in 2016, they will be manufactured in its new production plant in Ningo, China. The new plant, which has been built to the latest environmental standards, is being designed for an initial synthesis capacity of more than 20,000 metric tons.   “Our new facility in China is a response to the market’s demand for environmentally-friendly, sustainably-produced iron oxide pigments and it underlines our commitment to remaining a reliable partner to our customers,” says Peter Baldus, head of Inorganic Pigments Group (IPG) Americas. The Penniman process uses improved water treatment and waste gas purification for a high level of environmental compatibility. Optimizations in the production process are also designed to significantly reduce quantities of nitrogen oxides generated.  Emissions of the greenhouse gas N2O (nitrous oxide) will almost completely be converted by an efficient post treatment into nitrogen, water and oxygen. www.lanxess.com