Omnova Solutions has introduced an epoxy-modified acrylic copolymer for 1K (one part) garage floor and other concrete coatings.Pliotec GAR130, the company says, demonstrates resistance to hot-tire pickup and chemicals, including solvents. It has been designed for use in low-VOC waterborne coatings, both colorant-based and clear. The product has a quick cure time following application and offers UV resistance on exterior concrete applications. The company says the balance of UV resistance and low-VOCs makes the copolymer suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It balances garage floor performance with the limitations epoxy-modified acrylics can face in exterior applications due to the potential impact of UV rays. As a result, formulations with the new coating demonstrate ideal characteristics for interior and exterior environments. “Improving on available technologies, Pliotec GAR130 overcomes traditional limitations associated with products in the garage floor coatings category,” said Rich Stewart, Americas marketing manager for coating specialties.  “For example, the reduced cure time allows the end user to regain use of his or her garage or concrete pad sooner after application.”