Exilva is Borregaard’s new microfibrillar/microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) that decreases mud-cracking in exterior acrylic paint when applied in cold weather. The company specializes in products made using sustainable and natural raw materials. Mud-cracks are a phenomenon occurring when paint is applied too thickly or allowed to build up in corners during application, or when the surface is not properly repaired. Mud-cracks look like irregular cracks in a surface, resembling cracks in dried mud. New tests in acrylic exterior paints, conducted by Marschall Labs Inc. in the US show that Exilva reduces the tendency for mud-cracking during drying of acrylic pigmented systems This in turn provides the opportunity to reduce coalescent levels and related VOC levels in paint. Exilva is characterized by its ability to form stable three-dimensional networks of microfibers in solvents, and offers a unique solution for high quality products. The secret behind its performance, is its unique combination of characteristics from soluble polymers and insoluble particles, enabling it to interact both physically and chemically with its surroundings. www.borregaard.com