Jason McGahey has joined American Plating Power as manager of business development. He has led strategic sales and marketing across numerous industrial markets in the position of a global sales manager for a rectifier manufacturer, and has nearly 20 years of rectifier experience. His educational background is mechanical engineering and communications.  “We are extremely excited to have Jason on board here at American Plating Power”, said Waasy Boddison, co-owner of American Plating Power.  “Jason’s industry knowledge and strong customer relationships are a tremendous asset to APP. I know Jason will help APP continue its strong path of success and contribute to our rapid business expansion.”  McGahey’s focus is new business development as well as customer applications assistance. He added, “I have admired American Plating Power from afar for several years. There was a great allure in joining such a strong and talented team of professionals, several of whom I have had the pleasure of working with previously. I am convinced that we are second-to-none in our ability to support customers with a strong technical and sales acumen while delivering the absolute best in attentive customer care. It was clear from the beginning of our lengthy discussions, that Waasy and I had a similar vision of the tremendous opportunities for growth with our technology leading products and collective experience.” www.americanplatingpower.com