Walter Surface Technologies has introduced its newly redesigned Icecut 100 and Icecut 200 magnetic drills. These leverage state-of-the-art technologies, including adding the Accudrill pressure indicator and material and thickness detector. Redesigned for heavy duty applications, the Accudrill safety amp meter, conveniently located in the central control panel, allows users to achieve a productive drilling operation and prevents the motor from overloading and overheating.  In addition, the Icecut also includes a material and thickness detector. This device will not allow the drill to start when the magnetic holding power is insufficient to secure the unit to the work piece and operate safely. “In recent years, the market has been shifting towards lightweight magnetic drills,” explains Stephane Drainville, product manager for Walter. “The Icecut 100 and 200 magnetic drills are the most versatile units available today. They provide the safest way to drill large holes, regardless of user experience. This results in a lower production and labor costs.” Designed for off-site drilling, the Icecut 100 weights 22 lb and provides both maximum cutting efficiency and safety with 850 watts of power and 600 rpm. The two-speed Icecut 200 is engineered for heavy duty applications. It weighs 27 lb and operates at 300 and 600 rpm, allowing users to cut smaller and larger holes with precision. To ensure fast drilling time and maximum life of the core cutters, Icecut magnetic drill units are ideally paired with Walters’s new line of annular cutters and Icecut cutting lubricants.