January 18th, 2022

CFCM Arkema Rilsan Kepstan 400Arkema has been granted UL Yellow Card certification for two new polyamide 11 powder coating grades for use in electric vehicle battery systems and other applications. Rilsan T Orange 7706 is a primerless fluid bed dipping grade designed to achieve high thickness (500 ┬Ám) in one dip. Rilsan ESY Orange 7705 is a primerless electrostatic coating grade for components that require thinner insulation. Both grades achieved CTI ratings in excess of 600 volts and fire resistance class UL 94 V-0. In addition, these materials offer ease of processing due to their high level of flexibility and ability to be easily masked. Rilsan polyamide 11 is a versatile polymer that is 100 percent bio-based (derived from castor oil). In addition to powder coating grades, Arkema provides injection molding and extrusion grade solutions for electrical insulation as well.

Arkema also offers grades of Kepstan PEKK, a high-performance polymer, for electrical applications requiring temperatures too high for other polymers. Kepstan PEKK will also provide better thermal runaway resistance compared to existing solutions. With melt temperatures in excess of 300oC, the most stringent requirements can be addressed utilizing polyaryletherketones like PEKK. Kepstan PEKK grades offer high polarity that enables adhesion to metal without a primer, a low dielectric constant (2.9) for insulation, and flexibility of manufacturing options allowing the insulation to be applied via powder coating, extrusion, or overmolding.

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