L.V.Lomas (Brampton, ON) has added two new supplier companies to its line-up of products for paint and coatings. These are Functional Products Inc. (Macedonia, OH), which produces lubricants, viscosity modifiers and bio-based additives; and Imerys SA, of France, which produces talc. L.V.Lomas will become Functional Products’ sole Canadian distributor as of October 1, and is already distributing Imerys’ product line. Imerys offers a wide range of Muscovite and Phlogopite mica products from mines in King’s Mountain, NC, and Boucherville, QC. “We are excited about the opportunity to work with such a diversified, professional and customer focused company such as L.V. Lomas,” said David DeVore, president of Functional Products. “L.V. Lomas has a strong presence throughout Canada with adjacent and in many cases synergistic lubricant raw materials from other top-notch suppliers in our industry.” lvlomas.com