Employing one of its proprietary technologies, Kuraray Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has developed a photocurable elastomer. This technology, the company says, enables good control of the molecular weight as well as distribution of the elastomer and the photocurable portions within the molecular structure of a polymer. Kuraray says this process yields superior curability and elasticity compared with other photopolymers on the market. Rapid UV curable photopolymers have been developed for a wide variety of fields, including adhesives and coatings, due primarily to their excellent workability. Using proprietary living anionic polymerization technology, which permits precise design of polymers, Kuraray has created such thermoplastic elastomer products as Kurarity, an acrylic elastomer with superior elasticity, transparency and weather resistance. Using the know-how cultivated through these endeavors, it has successfully developed this  photocurable elastomer. The length of the elastomer portion of the molecule can be adjusted as designed, providing desired elasticity and strength. A wide range of properties can be achieved by combining with various monomers that are compatible. The curing time is short compared with that of common photopolymers, and the cured elastomer has elasticity. Depending on the design, adhesive properties can also be achieved. It reportedly has excellent dimensional stability, and shows minimal shrinkage upon curing. It possesses the characteristics of typical acrylics, including transparency, weather resistance and adhesiveness. www.kuraray.co.jp/en