Binks, a global leader in finishing technology for industrial applications, has introduced a new innovative plural component system manufactured in the USA. Binks delivers versatility, accuracy and savings for 2K operations with their new entry-level electronic plural component system. The Binks EMS (Electronic Mix Solutions) handles ratios from 1:1 to 100:1 with hardener flow rates as low as 2cc (0.07oz) per minute. Binks EMS can be configured for up to 6 colors and two guns, with or without gun flush boxes. Material waste is reduced up to 60cc (2 ounces) on every color change. The programmable flush lowers solvent waste up to 65 per cent. Binks EMS control system provides straightforward data entry, clear displays and simple functions on an easy-to-use keypad. New users need less training and the unit incorporates troubleshooting features. KEY FEATURES: —  Control Enclosure: Mix, standby and flush modes. Efficient to use and easy to learn. —  Dispense Pump: Precise dispensing as low as 2cc (0.07 oz) per min. Handles wide range of viscosities. —  Color Stack: Connects 2 to 6 resin colors. Programmable flush feature reduces solvent waste up to 65 per cent. —  Mix Manifold: Continuous flow mixing of two components, in a compact and material-saving design. —  Handheld Control System: Easy-to-use keypad with real time data on home screen. Additional screens show programmable flush options, calibration checks and help with troubleshooting solutions and storage for up to 40 alarms with date and time information.