Sherwin-Williams has launched Infinity, a premium line of interior and exterior paint that is a complete, one-coat, paint and primer in one. The company says it offers exceptional hiding power and coverage. “Infinity is 50 percent more scrubbable, washable and stain resistant than a leading competitive product, making it one of the most durable home products available,” said Andrew Kinnen, senior director of paint marketing for Sherwin-Williams’ Diversified Brands Division. “Additionally, Infinity tackles one of the most frustrating DIY paint projects, dramatic color changes.” It is available in 16 color collections, each featuring 20 coordinating colors. The paint’s crosslinking technology forms a tough barrier that provides exceptional resistance to stains, and its 100 percent acrylic formula provides a durable finish that is easily washed and cleaned so it endures the tests of daily life and retains its color and finish. Some difficult stains, likes water stains, reappear when top-coated with some of today’s paints. Infinity, Kinnen adds, will lock stains in and prevent bleed-through 50 percent better than a leading competitive product. With its mildew resistant properties, it also works well in kitchens and bathrooms where walls regularly come in contact with damaging condensation and moisture. The paint’s exterior line is optimized for exceptional adhesion even when applied to chalky, glossy or unprimed surfaces, and reportedly withstands the stresses of extreme weather conditions ranging from heavy snowfall to severe heat. The enhanced fade-resistant technology protects against UV rays, while its algae-resistant coating shields from damage caused by the growth of harmful spores. Initially, Infinity is made available solely through the Lowes chain of retail outlets.