ICL Phosphate Specialty recently released SCRATCH-X, a functional additive designed to enhance scratch-resistant properties of water-based coatings protecting furniture, cabinetry, and other OEM applications. ICL says SCRATCH-X is the result of research and coordinated development by ICL Phosphate Specialty’s Paints & Coatings scientists, which included gathering market information demands for innovative products with scratch-resistant durability. “Over the course of three years, we have conducted extensive research in an effort to develop a novel, stabilized additive to enhance the scratch and abrasion resistance of industrial coatings, specifically UV-curable coatings which are factory applied to wood flooring and kitchen cabinetry,” says Dr. Anthony Gichuhi, ICL Phosphate Specialty’s Director of Research & Development. SCRATCH-X products will complement the line of HALOX branded products for the paints and coatings industries. Virtual conferences and webcast educational seminars are being designed to showcase the product, the company says. www.halox.com