Dow Corning Corp. has introduced a new silicone to meet the need for high-temperature-resistant, room-temperature-curing coatings with improved flexibility, impact resistance and film build.Its 2405 resin is a solventless methyl methoxy resin. When catalyzed by titanium compounds, such as TnBT, the product cures within 60 minutes at ambient temperature, to form a medium-hard coating with good solvent resistance and high heat resistance. It is designed to help formulators overcome limitations – including brittleness, poor impact resistance and film-building constraints – associated with resins traditionally used to formulate high-temperature-resistant, room-temperature-curing coatings. “Paint formulators are under pressure to deliver more-sustainable products. This is reflected in the demand for less energy-intensive curing systems for heat-resistant coatings,” said Dow Corning Coatings global segment leader Chris Wall. “With its solventless delivery, tin-free cure and improved impact resistance, Dow Corning 2405 Resin significantly extends the formulating space for room-temperature-curing coatings for high-temperature applications.”