Global coatings supplier Hempel has launched its Trusted Asset Protection Survey (TAPS) Digital Application in North America. The company has developed this interactive tool for the iPhone and iPad to facilitate coating condition surveys in a more dynamic, interactive and efficient way. It aims to allowing Hempel to help the corrosion industry and its customers reduce maintenance costs while extending the life of their assets. The roll-out began in Vancouver on March 7, at the meeting of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. The cost of corrosion in North America has been estimated at over US$3-billion annually, according to Hempel, and failing to have an overall maintenance plan will only increase this expense. North America marketing director, Jose Luna, said, “This launch is an important milestone in our Journey to Excellence Strategy, where we have committed to supporting continued growth in the maintenance market.” Traditionally, the company has taken more time to deliver final coating recommendations to customers because surveys were administered manually. The overall condition survey focuses on giving the asset a coating and corrosion condition status to help spot potential problems, minimize risk and prioritize the areas that need to be considered first for maintenance. Coating advisors and sales representatives’ recommendations aim to help customers focus and plan on where to allocate operational expenses to conserve the performance and aesthetic appearance of their holdings. Luna added that, “We have developed this tool to assist our customers in the reduction of their maintenance costs by focusing on the long-term protection of their important assets.” All TAPS reports will be stored on the Hempel server and will connect to its customer extranet.