W. R. Grace & Co. is launching Syloid A matting agents for the architectural market to meet consumer demand for high-performance, low-gloss paints. This is the company’s first product designed specifically for the architectural coatings industry. Grace says it designed the Syloid A Series to provide paint formulators with more efficient matting agents that deliver improved performance in premium interior flat paints. These enhancements are said to include exceptional stain resistance, a noticeably smoother finish, improved hiding characteristics, and superior burnishing resistance. The performance attributes of Syloid A have been verified by Marschall Labs, an independent paint consulting and testing laboratory, according to the company. “Grace continues to expand our expertise in silica technology to provide novel products which offer superior value to the coatings market,” said Jim Bowler, coatings global marketing manager, at Grace. “The Syloid A Series will help customers differentiate their products with enhanced performance.” grace.com