Gelest, Inc. has established a dedicated logistics and fulfillment department to improve efficiencies, reliability and overall performance.Comprised of its shipping & receiving, customer service, and procurement departments plus affiliate LivChem Logistics, the new department is directed by executive vice-president Joel Zazyczny. “As Gelest prepares for its future,” he commented, “we created this new team to support customers within advanced technology markets and to meet the requirements expected of a specialty chemicals manufacturer.” Working with Zazyczny, Michael Skeuse has joined Gelest as research chemicals logistics manager for the shipping department. His responsibilities include managing the shipping team and associated vital logistics functions. He has more than 15 years of experience, 10 of which were at Reagent Chemical in various logistics and sales management roles. Prior to joining Gelest, he managed a multi-location site at Reagent’s West Virginia facility. Skeuse received his B.S. degree in business administration from Xavier University. Greg Vuk, a 16-year Gelest veteran, has been named bulk logistics and receiving manager. Vuk works with Skeuse to manage the logistics department and ensure that Gelest meets customer requirements in a timely manner. He studied chemistry at Millersville University. Gabrielle Lockwood, who has been with Gelest for 10 years, has been named communications and customer service manager. Lockwood’s responsibilities include planning, coordinating and controlling the activities of Gelest’s customer service team. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Rutgers University. Sean Nichols joins Gelest as global sourcing & procurement manager, responsible for procuring raw materials for the company’s manufacturing operations. He comes to Gelest following five-years as operations manager in the manufacturing division of Haas Group International, West Chester, PA. Prior to his promotion, Nichols worked as an R&D chemist and as a purchasing manager. LivChem Logistics, located in Frankfurt, Germany and managed by Yvonne Jambresic, is the sole European affiliate of Gelest, Inc. It offers more than 3,000 silanes, silicones, and metal-organics to the European Union (EU) market up to commercial scale. Founded in 2006, LivChem Logistics offers precision logistics and the distribution of specialty chemicals for R&D purposes to the EU material and life science markets. In addition, LivChem Logistics offers services for companies that need to achieve an efficient small quantity and sample distribution handling process while keeping full control over their inventory and customer base.