Gelest, Inc. has introduced its new SIVATE A200 activated acrylate functional silane for use as a primer for fiber optic cladding, a coupling agent for light-cure acrylic nanocomposites, or an adhesion promoterfor high-speed UV acrylated urethane cure systems. This product is a proprietary combination of a cyclic azasilane with an acrylate functional silane that drives a thermodynamically-favored formation of silicon-oxygen bonds that is nearly 85 percent complete in less than 15 seconds. The SIVATE A200 activated acrylate silane reacts with more than three times as many hydroxyl groups as conventional ethoxy silanes. Further, the company says, it has a reaction speed more than 100 times faster than conventional silanes, providing immediate adhesion. Compared to conventional silanes, SIVATE A200 offers radcure in UV, EB and visible light, reacts at high speed and reacts with a greater variety of substrates.  It does not require moisture to initiate surface reactivity, and inhibits moisture-initiated crack propagation on vitreous surfaces.