Larson Electronics has released a new and improved paint spray booth-rated, explosion-proof LED light fixture that is outfitted with specially designed dimming lamps. The EPL-48-2L-LED-D explosion proof LED light fixture is equipped with two specially designed dimmable LEDT-series bulbs that produce 2,875 lumens per bulb. The dimmable 23 watt LED lamps produce 125 lumens per watt, offer lower amp draw and increased reliability. They work with standard 0-10 dimming controllers and have been tested on Lutron and Leviton electronic dimmers. The LED assembly is mounted within a tube constructed from extruded aluminum and a polycarbonate lens. The solid state design of light emitting diodes provides a more reliable, stable, and energy efficient light source than fluorescent lighting. The fixture carries a T6 temperature rating and is approved for Class 1 Division 1 Groups C and D, Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D environments where flammable or combustible gases, vapors, dusts, fibers, and flying particles exist or may potentially exist. The unit is voltage specific and operates on 120 volts AC or 277 volts AC. These fixtures are standard surface-mounted via two swivel brackets. Each bracket is cinched to the bracket mounting peg on each side of the light. The angle of the bracket is set by tightening two cap screws on either side of the bracket. The cap screws act as a set screw and the bracket is mounted by a single bolt hole at the top of the bracket. Once the brackets are mounted to a surface, the light fixture can be removed from the bracket by loosening the cap screws that hold the bracket to the mounting peg. “This popular fixture is equipped with our specially designed 23 watt dimmable LED lamps providing operators with the ability to adjust the intensity of the light in a work area,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics. “When using an electronic dimmer switch, the LED lamps will dim from 0 percent up to 100 percent by a user-provided switch.”