Enthone has introduced ZINCROLYTE Sprint, an alkaline zinc-nickel process. It has been engineered to consistently deliver high throughput plating in bulk operations, on complex parts commonly used in automotive and other high value applications. It features a high current efficiency that is maintained over the entire bath life, with an enhanced current load capacity to deliver significantly faster plating speeds than conventional zinc-nickel processes. The zinc-nickel process, says Dr. Bjoern Dingwerth, global product line manager – Enthone Corrosion Resistant Coatings, requires less maintenance than conventional processes as it does not require any freezing such as carbonate crystallization and does not create any scales on anodes or other equipment. Its higher conductivity results in reduced cooling. “ZINCROLYTE Sprint,” he adds, “meets the most demanding automotive industry corrosion protection requirements. The new process consistently provides exceptionally high current efficiency paired with increased burning resistance. This results in high plating rates with smooth and uniform deposits in both high and low current density areas.” www.enthone.com