Gelest, Inc. has unveiled its new SIVATE E610 enhanced amine functional silane, which it says offers improved performance with non-siliceous surfaces. It also provides improved corrosion resistance of metal substrates, superior film-forming properties in primer applications, higher bond strength in aggressive aqueous conditions, and imparts composites and primers with long-term durability in a wide range of environments. This enhanced amine silane is for use as an adhesive primer for metallic and siliceous substrates, a coupling agent for thermoset and thermoplastic composites, a corrosion inhibiting primer for paints and coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, and a functionalizer of micro-particles for use in adhesives and sealants. It is a proprietary combination of a dipodal silanes with an amine functional silane. The enhancement of silanes is effected by incorporation of functional and non-functional dipodal silanes. The dipodal silane combines with the functional silane to form a tight conformal network of siloxane bonds, reduces water adsorption at the interface and, most importantly, forms multiple oxane bonds with the substrate. Compared to conventional silanes, which potentially bond form three oxane bonds, SIVATE E610 can form up to six oxane bonds with the substrate. Theoretical studies, Gelest says, suggest that the dipodal silanes could have up to 106 times greater stability in aqueous environments than existing products.  The enhanced bond potential offers improve mechanical properties, the ability to form coatings on a greater range of substrate, and increase durability of coatings, primers and composites to long-term environmental exposure.