The new NANOGUN-MX manual electrostatic spray gun links the expertise of Kremlin Rexson and SAMES companies, thus combining electrostatic spray technology for liquid paints with Airmix medium- to high-pressure spray technology. It has been developed to meet the needs of markets requiring high levels of production, such as aerospace, agriculture, metallic construction, furniture, transportation and energy. Suited to paints with an average viscosity, NANOGUN-MX spray gun is available in two pressure versions: 120 and 200 bar.  It is recommended for products with low to high resistivity to meet all the product parameters used by our customers. The gun is lightweight and ergonomically designed, reportedly delivering an excellent electrostatic wraparound effect which improves the overall operator experience. Airmix spray technology combined with ultimate electrostatic effect delivers a uniform film build thickness on parts being sprayed and allows you to achieve the highest transfer efficiency in the marketplace. The GNM 6080 control module is user-friendly, and easy to maintain, using high quality components and features with advanced corrective and preventive maintenance reminders. There is a single setting knob with adjustable flat spray to provide versatility and a higher transfer rate with excellent finish quality.