Grieve Corp.’s No. 911 is an electrically-heated, 500-deg. F truck oven, used for paint baking. Workspace dimensions measure 39 x 36 x 48 in., while 30KW installed in Nichrome wire tubular heating elements and a 2,000 CFM, 2-HP recirculating blower provide heated horizontal airflow to the workload. This truck oven features an aluminized steel exterior, four-in. thick insulated walls and a Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior with continuously back-welded seam construction. A 650 cfm powered forced exhauster, plus motorized dampers on the fresh air intake and exhaust for accelerated cooling, are also included. Two pairs of oven truck wheel guide tracks are built on top of the two-in. insulated oven floor. A digital indicating temperature controller, strip chart recorder, SCR power controller and a four-color tower light to indicate process status and over-temperature alarm are on board.