Echo Engineering is investing $2.4-million into 60-plus full-time jobs with additional real estate and automated manufacturing equipment, at its recently acquired plastic injection molding facilities in Michigan.┬áThe two facilities, located in Monroe and Frenchtown Township, are expected to grow by 30 percent in the next year with the support of Echo’s investment and a $210,000 performance-based grant received from the Michigan Business Development Program. The investment focuses on providing additional operations capacity including injection molding machines with automated robotics, increasing warehouse facility capacity, and growing teams to support the daily operations at the Michigan locations. According to Echo’s CEO, Kingdon Offenbacker, “To date, since we made the acquisition, in the first six months we have added 21 full-time positions, and we have already invested more than $1.0-million.” Echo currently has 83 employees at this location. Echo Engineering acquired Ammex Plastics in October 2017 to create additional manufacturing capabilities to its customers. The full-service plastic components manufacturer primarily supports the automotive industry for custom plastic component technologies including clips, mounts, and fittings for fluid routing, fastening, and suspension systems. The Michigan Business Development Program is part of an incentive program from the Michigan Strategic Fund, and is in cooperation with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. This program supports local businesses, including manufacturing facilities, by pushing for growth within the state in hopes of creating job opportunities.