Enthone’s Cuprostar 1610 bright acid copper process is a dye-free and methanol-free process that produces brilliant and highly ductile copper layers with low internal stress. The uniform copper deposit may be used as an intermediate nickel-chromium layer on plastics (such as ABS and PC/ABS) or on a variety of metal substrates. Cuprostar 1610 offers adjustable leveling performance, thereby virtually eliminating the potential for pits and pores and other defects such as orange peel, over leveling and flame patterns. The dye-free process easily and efficiently plates bulk components with complex shapes and high current density areas. Delivering reportedly high yields, it provides consistent metal distribution and excellent throwing power. The acid copper process reduces maintenance demands by requiring fewer additives than dye-based acid copper processes, while also producing no sludge, leaving tank walls clean. The brightener additives are said to be very stable, ensuring reliable production performance at a lower consumption rate than dye-based processes. Maja Brandes, global product manager – Enthone plating-on-plastics and decorative base metals, said, “A new generation of copper electrolytes enables Cuprostar 1610 to provide excellent brightness, while eliminating the potential of overleveling which is often witnessed with existing dye and dye-free acid copper systems.” The product is currently used for a wide range of automotive decorative trim applications, including wheels, grills, body trim and door handles, as well as plumbing fixtures and fittings, hand tools, door and window hardware, and lighting fixtures. www.enthone.com