Gardco’s Electronic Ultracycle RHT Circular Drying Time Recorder offers relative humidity and temperature measurement for coated surfaces.┬áThis unit has been designed to control a motor so that its shaft-driven, 3/8in., Teflon stylus will complete one rotation in a period that can be programmed from one minute up to 99 hours, 59 minutes. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It conforms to ASTM D 5895, and has microprocessor-controlled crystal timing regulation. It features improved tracking definition over predecessor units, and displays status and time event count-up on a 16-character LCD. The ambient temperature sensor is switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and displays with minimum, maximum and current temperature. It also shows relative humidity with minimum and maximum readings. There is an auto stop upon completion of the time cycle, and a power failure indicator. It is offered in 100 to 240V, and 50/60Hz. An arm and ball assembly attach to the motor shaft by a hexagonal screw. The coating is applied to the test panel using a Gardco Microm Film applicator or equivalent wet film applicator, then the drying time recorder is placed on the test panel and the clean stylus is lowered gently into position. The user selects the desired drying time and the stylus will then begin to be drawn along the test panel. After the selected time cycle is complete the drying time recorder will automatically stop. A Time Template is supplied to determine the stages of drying time.