The Dow Chemical Co. has introduced a new-generation silicone slip additive that it says offers optimal compatibility with modern and traditional waterborne wood-coating binders. Dow Corning 210S Additive is designed to improve the mar and abrasion resistance and anti-blocking performance of waterborne wood coatings, while reducing the tendency for surface cratering. Additionally, the additive has no impact on mechanical properties, surface hardness or water resistance and little or no impact on recoatability and intercoat adhesion. Depending on the coating binder, it also exhibits less impact on gloss. “At Dow, we are continually fine-tuning our silicone additive technologies to help formulators create coatings that not only meet a growing array of global safety and VOC regulations but also meet consumer desires for superior coating quality and performance,” said Dow Corning Europe SA Coatings and Leather Global Segment Leader Chris Wall. Dow Corning 210S Additive is a third-generation version of Dow’s ultrahigh-molecular-weight silicone dispersion technology, which greatly reduces static and dynamic coefficient of friction at very low use levels. This, along with its ability to be used alone or in combination with wax emulsions, can make the additive a cost-effective choice for customizing and enhancing the performance of waterborne wood coatings.   “Dow Corning 210S Additive offers wood coating formulators the best of two worlds – the proven performance of established technology, plus a level of compatibility that extends the range of formulations where class-leading performance can be achieved,” Wall said.