BlueDocs is a module within Bluestreak software that facilitates management of all corporate documents. These can include quality and training manuals, operating procedures and equipment work instructions. Various accreditations, certifications and compliance standards, such as ISO 9001 and AS 9100 require the capability to secure, track, show revision control, accountability, track and secure key documentation. Without sound document controls in place, it is too easy for multiple copies of the same document to exist, sometimes with different revisions in each iteration. ​BlueDocs features a centralized, web-based repository for all documents essential to compliance, which means auditors look in one place for anything they need. It can manage single documents or assign a document to a related group of documents, and it is roles-based access controlled, so only authorized uses are able to add, edit, delete or view. Before an edited document can be published, it can be required to have sign-off/approval by selected management personnel, and acknowledgement of the changes from other workforce members. Bluestreak I MES I QMS is designed exclusively for a service-based manufacturing environment, where the primary focus is quality processing and operations. Any service-based manufacturing company (heat treatment, metal finishing, forging, powder coating, testing laboratories, etc.), can easily customize it to mirror unique business workflows.