The Model DD-5 digital durometer from Gardco is for performing timed hardness testing. It is equipped with an internal adjustable timer and onscreen countdown that can be set to a desired elapsed time from zero to 30 seconds. When enabled, the timer function will be automatically activated when the presser foot meets the test specimen. Up to 200 readings can be stored and viewed inside the durometer or downloaded through the USB port. There is USB data output, and the unit can download and collect data using USB smart cable set tolerance limits. It is manufactured in accordance with the ASTM D2240 specification, and includes a NIST calibration certificate. It features a one-year warranty, a custom-made carrying case, high and low buttons for setting tolerance limits, and solid state circuitry with a LCD display. Batteries are included. Response speed is immediate, and the durometer holds a reading until reset. It offers a 0.1 resolution, the dial rotates up to 270 deg., and there is an extra-large number display.