Finishing Brands, manufacturer of DeVilbiss industrial spray finishing equipment announces that the DeVilbiss DeKups line has added a new 3 oz cup, as well as expanded the filter and adapter offerings. DeVilbiss DeKups: •  Increase productivity and efficiency through:             Less cleaning — only clean gun fluid passage             Reduced step — mix and spray with one cup             Sealed, contamination-free system — for clean paint jobs             Less exposure to cleaning solvents and VOCs             Storage of unused paint right in the cup — reducing paint waste •  Are designed for durability and performance:             Liner collapses evenly             Multiple cup sizes and filter options             Positive locking connection             Convenient self-dispensing packaging Meanwhile, the AGMD Pro is the newest DeVilbiss automatic spray gun. It uses DeVilbiss’ LVMP (Low Volume Medium Pressure) Compliant Atomization Technology and provides: •  “Pro” high performance front end technology with removable/replaceable baffle     and air cap retaining threads. •  New radial clamping device with quick release cam operation from either side of gun – compact and convenient. •  Fast cylinder cycle at lower air pressures. •  Same “Tool Center Point” as original AGMD model. •  Certified air caps with indexing facility – suitable for waterborne and solvent base coatings. DeVilbiss has been providing innovative solutions to spray finishing problems for over 125 years and is recognized as the global leader in high quality atomization for industrial finishing.