In 2015, TQC introduced the prototype of the PowderTAG at trade fairs around the world. After a year of many test runs and fine tuning the unit has finally been released. The instrument measures powder coating thickness up to 300 μm, before and after cure. It is a non-contact device, non-destructive, and usable on metal substrates such as steel or aluminum. Using a combination of infrared and photo thermal measurements, it produces precise and repeatable coating thickness measurements. Because its pulse does not need to be perpendicular, and has a small measuring spot, the PowderTAG is suitable for determining the layer thickness on small, curved or hard to reach objects, even on wire frames or small corners and edges. A LED pointer assists in determining the correct distance and location. Because of the non-contact measuring principle, parts can be tested on a slow moving line without damaging the coating. For higher line speeds it is recommended to remove parts on the line via a bypass or stop the line.