The new Baker Perkins MPX19 desktop twin-screw extruder is designed for applications such as powder coating, toner, EMC, plastics and pharmaceuticals. It incorporates features that ensure full, reliable scale-up from batch to continuous output on Baker Perkins’ range of production extruders. A new control system – with identical functionality to production machines – includes a full formulation management system holding up to 50 formulations; historical trending of data, and connectivity to a PC or network to capture that data. Full automatic start-up and shut down sequences mirror production extruders. The MPX19 features the Baker Perkins clam-shell barrel so that the process can be stopped at any time with immediate access to view the state of material being processed. Adjusting the formulation, process settings and screw configurations are all straightforward. The screw configurations are identical in geometry to larger extruders, ensuring accuracy in scale up. As well as ongoing development of existing extrusion processes, the MPX19 is recommended for companies moving from batch to continuous processing that need to establish the processing parameters necessary to match their existing product. Available as a fully integrated package with on-board HMI or a stand-alone unit with a separate panel, the extruder provides outputs in the 5 to 25 kg/hour range. Segmented screws allow great flexibility for profile design, and splined agitator shafts maximize reliability. An electrically heated/water cooled barrel gives tight temperature control; a chill roll is included; and barrel lengths can vary from 15:1 to 40:1 L/D, with multiple process zones for a variety of applications.