Once again, Dempsey Corp. is offering its Cross-Canada Seminar tour this summer. The event includes presentations from a range of the companies Dempsey represents, and provides and introduction to the company’s various product lines, for customers wanting to know more about items they already purchase, or who want to source new materials and technologies. The first stop on the tour, in suburban Montreal, is in Laval, QC, on Monday, June 5, at the Sheraton Laval Hotel. This includes two separate events, on coatings and on plastics. A day later, the corresponding Toronto seminars will be held at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Mississauga, ON. The next stop is the Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel in Winnipeg, on June 7. The fourth and final event is at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond, BC, close to Vancouver Airport, on June 8. Both these events are for the coatings industry solely. Further information is available from the company at: www.dempseycorporation.com