Chemicals distributor Dempsey Corp. has scheduled its 2016 Toronto Technical seminar, showcasing coatings, for Tuesday, June 14. The location is the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Mississauga, ON. This will be the 13th time the company has staged this informational event.One of the main topics will be rheology, a topic underlined by Dempsey adding BYK Additives (previously Rockwood), to its line of products. In addition, ICL-Halox will introduce a new corrosion inhibitor, and the event will feature a review of the new GHS regulations and how they affect Canadian manufacturers.Other topics to be covered include: the newest trends and technologies for coatings, the latest raw materials available, formulation tips and know-how, and how to optimize your formulation cost and performance. There is no charge for entry. For further information, contact