Over the last year, DCC LANSCO invested over $13-million towards improved productivity within its manufacturing sites. This ranges from environmental initiatives and creating efficiencies in the chemical processing system, to developing technologically advanced products.  “We strive to continually invest in the future to allow our customers to succeed with reliable and consistent supply of high-quality, innovative products, while remaining environmentally responsible,” says CEO Mark Vincent. Since the initiation of these programs, he says, there have been drastic improvements to the environment, benefitting surrounding communities. Having invested heavily in technology and innovation, it has launched several products offering customers more value in use, expanded the color gamut, and more.  Some of the results include decreasing fuel requirements by 10 percent; reducing electricity consumption, and reducing steam requirements by 15 percent. Company air emissions are also down, heavy metal waste has been cut by 50 percent, and lead nitrates have been eliminated in the effluent treatment system. The company is using recycled bismuth and vanadium, and has cut the amounts of water filtered into municipal systems. In terms of new products, DCC LANSCO has launched a Super Strong BV Line, which provides better value in use, less waste and decreased shipment costs. A further product in this line is expected to be even stronger, with a value in use about one-half the cost of existing equivalents. There is also an alkali-stable BV (bismuth vanadate) line offering greater flexibility for concrete coatings, and a new orange pigment, DCC Orange ORS (PO.86). This is the first pigment in its class, and the company describes it as “the cleanest inorganic orange available.” DCC LANSCO, Vincent says, “will continue to invest in productivity and sustainability improvements to ensure a reliable, consistent supply to the market while minimizing our carbon footprint.” www.dominioncolour.com