VpCI-426 Descaler/Rust Remover enhanced with Nano-VpCI is a water-based, heavy duty rust remover available in the form of liquid, powder and gel. It is offered as an economical rust remover for corrosion, scale and naturally occurring oxides from iron, carbon and stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and their alloys. This non-polluting product, the company says, when compared to other industrial products, eliminates and reduces virtually all waste disposal problems. It brightens magnesium and aluminum, leaving a shiny surface that provides long-term corrosion protection. This water-based liquid is also excellent at removing calcium carbonate and sulfate. The product could even be used for household tasks. It stays in place on vertical and difficult to treat surfaces where corrosion is heavy, allowing extra time for removal of corrosion from the metal surface. This non-toxic, nitrite free rust remover is also claimed to significantly reduce costs of surface preparation. It can be used in areas that cannot be sandblasted or cleaned with power tools. www.cortecvci.com