Datacolor, has launched Match Pigment 4.0, the latest iteration of its color formulation software for paint, coatings and plastics manufacturers.Employing Datacolor’s SmartMatch technology, Match Pigment helps manufacturers achieve their desired color while saving time and money. The company says Match Pigment4.0 improves match acceptance on the first try, optimizes the cost and quality of recipes, and reduces the need for physical matches. With a streamlined workflow and user-friendly interface, manufacturers can expect up to 50 percent increase in overall speed and productivity. “We have spent over 40 years perfecting our proven color technologies to help our customers maximize their product quality,” said Cheryl Johnson, director of product management, Datacolor. “We know inaccurate color can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention delay to market. With Match Pigment, manufacturers can now have confidence in their color quality, knowing they have obtained it quickly and cost-effectively.”  With Match Pigment 4.0, users can realize additional benefits, such as increasing productivity with automatic transfer of multiple formulas to the dispenser queue; supporting greater custom/individual needs with flexible matching criteria options; improving product quality by assuring colorant compatibility for customer use cases; and streamlining daily operations with an enhanced user interface.