Valspar has a new line of coatings specifically designed for the painting contractor. The company says professional painters will find an expanded lineup of water-based coatings, including direct-to-metal primers and topcoats, pre-catalyzed epoxies, catalyzed epoxies, DryFall and a zero-VOC primer. “Launching these products demonstrates Valspar’s commitment to the changing needs of the professional painter,” says Rob Castaneda, product manager. “By continually innovating and diversifying our portfolio of coatings, we can help the professional painter get terrific results and satisfied customers through trusted and proven Valspar products.” This new line of professional coatings is developed for maintenance, commercial and light industrial jobs. The direct-to-metal (DTM) primers and topcoats offer professional painters high-quality corrosion protection for metal, which is essential in tough, industrial environments. The topcoat is available in two sheens – semi-gloss and gloss — and can be tinted to a wide selection of colors. The DTM Primer is available in three universal colors: white, red oxide and gray. For paint jobs that require added durability and low odor, professional painters can now turn to Valspar’s Pre-Catalyzed Wall Epoxy (Pre-Cat). It is recommended for institutional jobs, such as hospitals, schools and other areas that require a low-VOC and low-odor paint. Pre-Cat is available in two sheens — semi-gloss and eggshell, and is designed for a smooth, uniformed finish via brush, roll and spray application. The advanced cross-linking technology in Valspar’s Catalyzed Water-Based Wall Epoxy delivers excellent washability and resistance to chemicals and stains. These are key features needed in active facilities such as warehouses, locker rooms and other high-traffic areas. It is available in two sheens, gloss and eggshell. The new Valspar Zero VOC primer is designed as a high-quality primer that promotes a uniform topcoat appearance in new construction. It is also Greenguard Gold certified, making it a good choice for use in spaces that are occupied by children or elderly people, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other sensitive environments.