Erichsen’s new Centrifugal Film Applicator, 334 Smart, applies coatings of even thickness on specimen panels with lengths from 80 to 200 mm, for test purposes.

The centrifugal method saves time, is accurate and results are reproducible. The equipment is useful where a high level of consistency in film thickness or extremely thin coating layers are required.

The speed of rotation and the application time are continuously variable between 100 – 2,000 min-1 and 0 – 999 s. The selected speed is shown on a display instrument. An adequate quantity of coating material (5 – 10 g) is poured onto the center of the specimen, which is then made to rotate at a preset speed, and for a selected period of time. The centrifugal force acting on the coating material causes an even spread across the specimen panel. Surplus coating material is thrown off the edge and collected in a surrounding trough. When applied this way, the coating does not vary in thickness with distance from the center of rotation ; it is evenly spread over the entire area.