The Canadian Association for Surface Finishing has appointed officers for the coming year, as well as confirming the slate of directors. At its annual meeting in May, Bob Smith of MacDermid Enthone was elected president, replacing Mike Kuntz of KEI, who becomes immediate past-president. Stewart Tymchuk of Dynamix is now vice-president. Association secretary is Mike Tingle of Ortech, treasurer is Mary Lukic from MacDermid Enthone, and Stephanie McCallum is government liaison. Board members are: Mike Hullinger (MacDermid Enthone);Jim Sutherland (Acadian Platers);Tom Casselman (Coventya);Jonothan Holland (Peerless Custom Rack); Gene Torcoletti (Atotech); Kevin Janitz (Atotech);Rob Newman (Moores Industrial); Peter Schmied;Paola Battiston (Seneca College);and Brigitte Roth (Acclaims Environmental).Richard Thibodeau has stepped down as a board member, but remains as a special adviser to the board.