Carlisle Fluid Technologies launched two new Binks Maple models: Maple 120/3 (ratio 3:1) and Maple 15/25 (ratio 25:1). The main market focus for the new models is paint and coatings in the wood, agricultural and construction equipment markets. The Maple pump family has been used for paints and coatings in the industrial and automotive markets for many years.

The new Binks Maple 15/25 pump is designed to be a workhorse in the wood and heavy equipment markets, Carlisle says. Typical uses include flatline and other multi-gun installations, where the Maple can keep pace with production, consistently delivering up to 2 gal / 7.5l / minute.

“The pumps are designed for difficult moisture-sensitive and slightly abrasive materials and uses the proven Binks bellows technology and coated pistons, to ensure minimal maintenance is required,” says Dominic Martin, Fluid Handling Product Manager. “The pumps combine an energy-efficient air motor and a fluid section that has no exterior leaking seals providing a long operational life.”

The new pumps provide minimal pressure fluctuations in low to medium pressure applications.