A new labour mobility tool for apprentices has been introduced by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) in Ottawa.Resources for Apprentice Relocation is a one-stop, online reference for apprentices who move prior to being certified and employers who hire apprentices from other parts of the country. It outlines apprenticeship regulations, inter-provincial agreements and processes to support recognition of previous on-the-job hours and technical training. Immigrants can also access information about the trade qualifier process in each province and territory. “In interviews with apprentices and employers, there was a common misperception that moving between provinces and territories during apprenticeship training would be a step backward in the journey to certification,” said Sarah Watts-Rynard, CAF-FCA’s executive director. “For apprentices committed to completing their training and being certified, moving to another part of Canada was something they avoided because they were worried their past experience wouldn’t count.” On the Move requires apprentices and employers to answer four questions about place of origin and destination, and the sector in which they work. The online system then provides information specific to each apprentice’s unique case. “Employers tell us they prefer to hire apprentices with past work experience and at least a portion of their apprenticeship under their belts,” Watts-Rynard noted. “It doesn’t make sense to have apprentices waiting to be recalled from a lay-off when there are opportunities elsewhere in the country to pick up hours. If we want to improve apprenticeship completion rates, we need to ensure all apprentices know they can take advantage of those opportunities.” www.caf-fca.org