MicroMedia Invicta, Bühler’s newest bead mill, incorporates an innovative process chamber design and a new bead separator system. Buhler says in customer trials, Invicta has delivered the same output using 25 percent less energy compared with the best available alternatives and a 50 percent increase in productivity with a 100 percent increase in flow rates. The footprint is the same as existing MicroMedia machines. Buhler says the key to Invicta’s performance is its unique new process chamber design. Years of research and development combined with customer experience gathered from thousands of different wet grinding applications around the world has resulted in a smart new chamber geometry. A remodelled bead separation system and a new screen design significantly reduce blockages and pressure build-up. This allows recirculation to be driven faster, speeding up overall flow rates by an average of 100 percent. As well as helping to achieve target particle size faster, this also creates improved process safety, with greater reliability.  The new machine continues to work seamlessly with Bühler’s MacroMedia predispersing unit to provide a total solution for a wide range of applications, from liquid packaging inks, inkjet and digital inks, to automotive coatings and many more. Christian Ebneter, Product Manager, Grinding and Dispersing, says, “Our revolutionary new process chamber design creates a step change in performance. Invicta fits in the same footprint as previous MicroMedia models, is available as a retrofit and will integrate with a MacroMedia pre-grinding system in exactly the same way they are used to.” With SmartPro, Invicta’s wet grinding process can also be fully digitalized, optimizing production through higher traceability, better process control and benchmarking. Secure cloud technology allows access to process data, anytime and anywhere. www.buhlergroup.com