Troy Corp. has introduced advanced Mergal WP45, a broad-spectrum wet-state preservative for the control of contamination and spoilage-causing microorganisms in the wood manufacturing environment. It is a fast-acting preservative, enabling rapid control of contamination situations, and it also offers a long-term preservation component. Formulated for optimum efficacy, Mergal WP45 offers cost-effective materials protection at very low use rates, enabling manufacturers to balance cost control with performance objectives. It is based on OIT (octyl-isothiazolinone) technology, providing highly effective activity against bacteria, molds, and yeast. “Mergal WP45 offers the highest potency biocide chemistry in materials protection,” says Troy’s Dr. Izzy Colon, vice-president, science & technology. “The incorporation of isothiazolinone delivers more microbial control per active pound of biocide than any other technology available. As a result, Mergal WP45 is highly cost-effective, and has a minimal environmental footprint because of its high activity at very low use levels.”