Presto Black room temperature black oxide from Birchwood Technology (Eden Prairie, MN) is offered for small to medium production operations requiring robust corrosion resistance and galling protection on critical surfaces for machine components. The process produces a non-dimensional coating thickness of less than 0.5 micron thickness and is suited for components that require a black finish for visual appeal and rust protection. Presto Black is a short fifteen-minute process that eliminates the hazards of the hot oxide process by operating at room temperature at 70 deg F. It provides high corrosion resistance and is tested for up to 800 hours humidity exposure when sealed with an appropriate rust preventive. This process provides a friable crystal structure that serves as a sacrificial barrier on sliding surfaces to protect the underlying steel itself from galling and deformation. It can operate with zero discharge of rinse waters using the Birchwood Technologies Ion Exchange System. It cleans and purifies the process rinse waters so they can be re-used rather than sent to the drain.