Manufacturers contemplating taking black oxide finishing in-house are offered a low-cost entry option with the Birchwood Technologies BC40E TruTemp finishing system. The seven-tank process line, with full black oxide capabilities, comes complete with tank system, heaters, plumbing connections, tank lids, and chemical products The system is pre-engineered to set up quickly and operate safely. It utilizes seven individual tanks, each measuring 16 x 24 x 24 in. deep (ID), and occupies a footprint of just 3 x 13 ft. The tanks are rugged and virtually unbreakable, manufactured of heavy weight, high-density polypropylene and polyethylene. These lines produce high quality black oxide finishes and can often be operated by workers in adjoining CNC, screw machine or parts washer cells, without adding new employees. The TruTemp process contains no EPA regulated chemicals, so there is no need for waste treatment. The rinse waters are generally sewerable as non-hazardous dischargE.